Through our eyes

November 25, 2019

Planning a wedding isn’t an easy task. Some may hope for a dream wedding with flowers everywhere, beaches etc. Some just want a simple one. May it be huge or small, it’s the experience going through it that really matters. How the preparation went, the time put in, the dress, the venue. How you supported each other through the ups and downs of the process and finally getting to that very day. Enjoying it with all your close friends and family. The laughter, the tears, that makes a wedding so genuine and memorable. But the sad thing is, it passes in a blink just like that. A year of preparation ends in just a few hours. Never to be repeated but it will forever be encapsulated in memories.

That is where we come in. All of us have always known that love is the most wonderful thing in the world, so wouldn’t capturing love be the most beautiful thing? To us, it is. Photography isn’t just about the pretty bouquet, the poses, the shoes, the gown. No. Its about the story in a photo, being as pure and as raw as it can be. It should show real connections, delicate strings of emotions, heart and soul of a wedding.

Weddings are so sacred; and we deeply appreciate the bond where two people commit to cherish each other unconditionally. Every couple’s story, romance and chemistry are different one from the other… and it’s an honour to witness them. We believe that a good picture should stand the test of time. I hope that during ever-changing seasons of marriage life, the moments we capture can remind the subjects of their love for one another and the reason why they choose each other.

We look forward to collecting moments close to your heart.

Featuring Jenhau & Jansopa