Perfect match

November 24, 2019

We often have this mindset to find our perfect match. The one who was made for you, your soulmate. And we go through life searching, moving from one relationship to another, falling in love, only to break up again the moment they find that “he/she isn’t the one” We search more and compare our partners to our dream person. A fantasy.

The truth iseveryone is a work in progress. Everyone is unique. One man’s perfection can be another man’s weakness. There can be no perfect one, only an ideal one. This ideal quality lies in the little imperfections, in their uniqueness, quirkiness, and even in their brokenness, just waiting to be found. It’s achievable only through hard work, through constant communications, through commitment and sacrifice. And it starts from seeing them for who they really are – not compared to anyone, just wholly their own selves.

When you look deeper, then you’ll see that a little glimpse of perfection. The perfect match. The perfect partner. They may not be perfect on their own, but they are just be perfect for you.

Featuring Justin & Wernnee