Embrace love and culture

October 17, 2019

To love someone is not hard but to embrace and accept each others culture is another story. The story of Raj and Eyvonne shows us that love does conquer all. It breaks boundaries as they learn from each other, respect all that has made them just them. What better joy than to explore and be exposed to something that is so different yet so amusing with your loved one. It may be challenging at the beginning but its all worth it.

It was our honour to be able their special day. The groom told us that it was just a simple ceremony consisting of a 4 day event. Well, it definitely was more complicated than said. To me, simple would be just a romantic get together of close friends and family doing their traditional rituals, having fun and drinks. But this, this was far more exhilarating i would say. Seeing the bride’s father daughter dances , even the groom’s mother son dance and lastly their own intimate waltz was amazingly heartfelt. The amount of effort put into it and seeing how everyone came together as one having fun, embracing each other really touched us . The absence of barriers all in the name of love. And they celebrated it with the brightest smiles they could possibly have.

Featuring Raj and Eyvonne