Fire burning

September 8, 2019

There is a fire waiting to be lit in each in every one of us. It comes from within, burning with passion and love. Fire in the heart feels like warmth, looks like endless love and forgiveness. One that burns constantly, shaping the contours of your heart.

It is like the energy that shoots up your veins whenever you do something that you are completely passionate about. A soul that is set on fire causes one to grow beyond one’s expected capabilities. It stirs up joy, strength, and vulnerability in you that stretches the borders you have set for yourselves, and gifts you with nothing but growth and more growth.

When two fires become one, there is no telling how big of a difference they can make in their world. When two fires become one, they become a light bright enough for the lost to find their way back home. They become a flame warm enough to radiate into the cold, cold world. So, when two fires become one, they must never let those flames come to a halt. Because, now, you have found the one who is willing to fuse their fire with yours and keep it burning together with you.

Featuring Fabian & Shu Qian